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POV1.0-linux.README.z 29Mar93
How to compile Point of Vision raytracer (947 bytes) 14Feb95
description ofg SWiM (5862 bytes)
cpp-manual-2.dvi.gz (LSM entry) 13Nov94
DVI of C preprocessor manual (51347 bytes)
drdos-partition-fix.z (IAFA) 28Ap93
How to keep drdos from clobbering Minix partitions (599 bytes)
gcc-manual-2.6.dvi.gz (LSM entry) 13Nov94
DVI of C compiler manual (508526 bytes)
gnu-libc-manual.05.dvi.gz (LSM entry) 13Nov94
DVI of GNU C library manual (565360 bytes)
stacker.doc.z 12Feb93
How to use a stacker drive from the DOS emulator (3129 bytes)

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