ncmspool - NoCeM for the newsspool

The ncmspool package applies NoCeM ("No-See-Um") notices on an INN news server's newsspool. To take advantage of this package you must have privileges as the "news" user on your system.


(C News user? Olaf Titz developed c-nocem, NoCeM-on-spool for C News)


This link retrieves the pgp-signed and compressed .shar containing the ncmspool distribution. You must have PGP to remove the .shar from the .asc armor file. You should verify your distribution with the PGP key for

Download the .shar (12K) containing 0.92.3e ncmspool (runs as an INN channel feed or file feed)

3e Includes important efficiency fix for channel feed and repair for nasty bug in file feed. 0.92.3d users almost certainly need to upgrade. Other changes, mostly portability, were also made.

The beta test files are here.

Mailing list

A low-volume mailing list is available for ncmspool users. To subscribe, send email to

with a blank subject. In the body of the message write


Old stuff

.shar containing old ncmspool (runs only as cron process; no longer supported)

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Updated 30 May 1997