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Vim is a professional text editor. It can be used to edit plain text in a highly productive way. Although it is aimed at programmers, it can be used for many purposes.

Readers of the Linux Journal magazine selected Vim as the best text editor in 2001 and in 2002.
Linux Journal 2002 Readers' Choice
Vim has been announced as finalist in the editors category of the LinuxWorld Magazine Editorial Awards for 1999.

At the Linuxworld expo in New York, February 2000, Vim was nominated for the slashdot Beanie Award in the category "Open source text editors". Other contestants were Emacs, Xemacs, Joe and Pico. Vim won!     Info on the Beanie Awards

The $2000 price has been donated to ICCF Holland, to help the orphans in Uganda.     Info on ICCF Holland.

The Beanie Award

Vim behaves like the standard Unix editor Vi, and adds many useful extensions. It is included in all major Linux distributions. Vim runs on many different operating systems, including MS-Windows, OS/2, Unix (many), Amiga, VMS and Macintosh.


For a whole lot of information about Vim, go to

You can download Vim from this ftp site. here is the complete directory list.

Version 6.2 is the latest officially released version.
Information about which files to download for your system can be found on the download page.

amiga Amiga
extra extra sources and translations
mac MacIntosh
os2 OS/2
patches fixes for released versions
pc MS-DOS and MS-Windows 3.1/95/98/NT
unix Unix
Older versions:
atari Atari MiNT
be BeOS / BeBox
farsi Farsi language files
vms VMS
Other items:
doc extra documentation
tools some useful tools
unstable alpha/beta test versions
unreleased old alpha/beta test versions

To obtain the full set of sources, download the runtime and source archives from the Unix directory, and the extra and lang archives from the extra directory.

For more binaries (HP-UX, AIX, IRIX, Debian, RedHat, SparcLinux, NextSTEP, OSF, SunOS, Solaris, BeOS, etc.) look here.

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