ACK Modula-2 and Pascal compilers for Minix 2.0.0

This directory contains the binaries and library sources for the ACK Modula-2 and Pascal compilers that can be added to Minix 2.0.0. (And to Minix 1.7.2 and inbetween versions, although that has not been tested well.)

Minix already has a C compiler derived from the Amsterdam Compiler Kit, but thanks to a misunderstanding the Modula-2 and Pascal compilers were not added to the distribution. The next distribution of Minix will have them by default.

Two packages are available for the 16 and 32-bit versions of Minix:

	ack_i86.taz	- 16-bit version.
	ack_i386.taz	- 32-bit version.


To install use FDVOL to place the proper file on a floppy, and run setup /usr under Minix to load the files onto your system. The binaries of the new compiler passes will be installed, several Makefiles replaced, and library sources for the Modula-2 and Pascal compilers added. (The 32-bit version also contains all other compiler passes to make sure that you have the latest binaries in case you source-upgraded all the way up from 1.7.0.)


Log in as bin. If your system runs in 16-bit mode then run make install in src/commands/i86/ to recompile the 16-bit compiler driver.

On either kind of system, run make install in src/lib/ to compile the Modula-2 and Pascal additions to the library. The compilers are now ready for use.

Manual pages.

The manual page cc(1) will be renewed. It now focuses on the 32-bit driver, with differences with the 16-bit compiler noted where appropriate. A new manual page ACK(7) is added that contains a large amount of additional information on the ACK compilers. Use makewhatis /usr/man to allow the man command to find it.
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