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MS-DOS utilities

The FDVOL, WrtDsk or RaWrite3 programs can be used under MS-DOS to copy images to floppies. The FIPS utility can be used to shrink an MS-DOS partition if the disk of the machine you wish to install Minix contains a single MS-DOS partition that covers the entire disk. (As is often the case.) Note that the task of FIPS is not a trivial one, a million things could go wrong. Back up your data first!

FDVOL is the preferred utility to make Minix floppy images, WrtDsk and RaWrite3 are provided as alternates just in case. (Writing floppies raw is a tricky thing under DOS.)

The four utilities are in the files fdvol.exe, wrtdsk90.zip, rawrite3.zip, and fips20.zip together with their documentation, except for FDVOL, but its use is simple:

	fdvol 1440 A: ROOT USR		- Combine ROOT and USR on one floppy
	fdvol 1440 A: SYS.TAZ		- Put SYS.TAZ on several floppies
	fdvol 720 A: ROOT		- Just ROOT on one 720k floppy
See also ../CD-ROM-2.0/README.TXT and ../CD-ROM-2.0/MINIX/README.TXT for more examples.