The Almagest: A Manual for Ptolemy

The Mini Almagest is the manual for the demonstration version of Ptolemy. The full manual for Ptolemy is divided into three volumes: User's Manual, Programmer's Manual, and Kernel Manual. Currently, only the User's Manual has been updated. Until the Ptolemy0.6 documentation is complete, please use Volumes III and IV from the 0.5.2 release.

Each volume is listed below as a collection of compressed PostScript files suitable for previewing or printing. The User's Manual and Kernel Manual is also available as hypertext. The entire manual in postscript form is also included with the software distribution.

Mini Almagest

  1. Introduction
  2. An Overview of Ptolemy
  3. The Interactive Graphical Interface
  4. SDF Domain
  5. DE Domain
  6. Vem - The Graphical Editor for Oct
  7. pxgraph - The Plotting Program
  1. Installation and Troubleshooting
  2. Introduction to the X Window System
  3. Filter design programs
  4. Glossary
  5. References

Volume I: Ptolemy 0.6 User's Manual

The Star Atlas

In Ptolemy0.5.2, the Star Atlas was Volume II. In Ptolemy0.6, there is no Star Atlas.

Until the Ptolemy0.6 Programmer's manual is out, use the 0.5.2 Programmer's Manual

Volume III: Ptolemy 0.5.2 Programmer's Manual11

  1. Extending Ptolemy - Introduction
  2. Writing Stars for Simulation
  3. Infrastructure for Star Writers
  4. Data Types
  5. Using Tcl/Tk
  6. SDF Domain
  7. DDF Domain
  8. BDF Domain
  9. DE Domain
  10. Thor Domain
  11. MQ Domain
  12. CP Domain
  13. Code Generation
  14. CGC Domain
  15. CG56/CG96 Domains
  16. Sproc Domain
  17. Silage Domain

Volume IV: Ptolemy 0.6 Kernel Manual

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