Participants in the Ptolemy Project

Principal Investigators

Edward A. Lee (
David G. Messerschmitt (


Christopher Hylands (
Ptolemy manager, release management, GNU tools, octtools, vem, Tcl/Tk, Tycho, system administration
Fiona Sinclair (
Grant administration, Administrative assistant
Mary P. Stewart (
System administration

Postdoctoral Researchers and Visiting Scholars

John Reekie (
Functional language theory and compilers, parallel implementations of signal processing algorithms, graphical user interfaces, Tycho

Full-Time Graduate Students

John Davis, II (
Mutable systems, higher order functions
Ron Galicia (
Embedded multicomputing, real-time computer vision and image processing, hardware/software codesign
Mudit Goel (
Adaptive Digital Signal Processing
Michael Goodwin (
Audio signal processing, time-frequency analysis and synthesis, computer music
Bilung Lee (
Image and video processing, telecommunications software
William Li (
Collaborating instances of Ptolemy, The Infopad Project
Jie Liu (
Distributed Adaptive Signal Processing Systems
Neil Smyth (
Redevelopment of Ptolemy kernel in Java
Michael C. Williamson (
Generating timed circuits from dataflow graphs, VHDL modeling, VHDL domain
Yuhong Xiong (
Type System

Undergraduate students

None right now.

Primary Participants Outside of the Ptolemy Project

Neal Becker (Comsat Laboratories) (
SDF stars, HP port, Complex class
Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya (Hitachi America, Ltd.) (
Uniprocessor and multiprocessor scheduling, optimization of generated assembly code, interprocessor communication, Tycho, Master's Student 1988-1989 and Ph.D. Student 1991-1994
Joseph T. Buck (Synopsys, Inc.) (
Boolean dataflow, Ptolemy kernel, Linux port, ptcl, ptlang, scheduling, Motorola DSP assembly code generation, Ph.D. Student 1989-1993
Wan-Teh Chang (Netscape Communications)
Hierarchical finite-state machine controllers, telecommunications software, graphical user interfaces, higher-order functions, Ptolemy kernel, Tycho
William Chen (Columbia University) (
Native signal processing on the UltraSparc
Stephen Edwards (Simplex Solutions) (
Hierarchical finite state machines, Statecharts, Esterel, Esterel compilers
Brian L. Evans (The University of Texas at Austin) (
Algorithm design, multidimensional signal processing, educational software, graphical user interfaces, Ptolemy Matlab/Mathematica interfaces, Tycho, Post-Doctoral Researcher 1993-1996
Alain Girault (INRIA) (
Synchronous languages, formal models for concurrent computations, distributed computing, Visiting Post-Doctoral Researcher 1995-1996
Soonhoi Ha (Seoul National University) (
Scheduling, dynamic dataflow, discrete-event domain, code generation, Ph.D. Student 1988-1992
Asawaree Kalavade (Bell Labs) (
Hardware/software partitioning and codesign, design methodology management, Thor, Silage, and design methodology management domains, Ph.D. Student 1990-1995
Tom Lane (Structured Software Systems) (
HP Port, many improvements to pigi and the kernel.
Praveen K. Murthy (
Scheduling, code generation, multidimensional dataflow, semantical issues in dataflow
Thomas M. Parks (MIT Lincoln Labs) (
Real-time computing, process networks, higher-order functions, code generation in C domain, Ph.D. Student 1990-1995
Rajagopal Nagarajan (Department of Computing, Imperial College, London ) (
Logic, concurrency, programming language semantics, specification and verification.
Eric K. Pauer (Sanders, a Lockheed Martin Company) (
Architecture Trade Application
José Luis Pino (Hewlett Packard, EEsof Division) (
Multiprocessor scheduling, code generation for heterogeneous DSP systems, hierarchical scheduling, Motorola DSP assembly code generation, cosimulation, user interfaces
Sunil Samel (IMEC) (
HP port
S. Sriram (Texas Instruments) (
Parallel architectures, interprocessor communication, scheduling theory, Motorola DSP assembly code generation, Ph.D. Student 1990-1995
Richard S. Stevens (Naval Research Laboratory) (
Models and multiprocessor scheduling of dynamic dataflow computation, Processing Graph Method Navy standard
Stefan De Troch (IMEC) (
HP port
Xavier Warzee (Thomson CSF) (
ArrayOL domain, IBM RS/6000 port, Ptolemy evaluation

Other Contributors

Some of these made their contribution through the Gabriel Project.
Raza Ahmed (Tektronix Inc.) (
Heuristic search packages for Mathematica, implementation cost target, Undergraduate researcher 1996
Egbert Ammicht (AT&T) (
DSP3 code generation
Sunil Bhave (
Audio interfaces and formats in Ptolemy, Undergraduate Researcher 1996-1997
Anindo Banerjea (
Discrete-event scheduling
John Barry (Georgia Institute of Technology) (
Optical communications, Ph.D. Student 1986-1992
Neal Becker (Comsat Laboratories) (
HP and Linux port, incremental linking development, user contributed stars.
Jeff C. Bier (Berkeley Design Technology, Inc.) (
Motorola DSP assembly code generation, Gabriel, Master's Student 1988-1989
Philip Bitar
Discrete-event domain, graphical user interface
Michael Bosse (Boston University) (
Tcl/Tk visualization in the IPUS domain (Integrated Processing and Understanding of Signals)
Rachel Bowers
Ptolemy demonstrations
Bill Bush
Vem schematic interface
Andrea Casotto
Vem schematic interface
Michael J. Chen (Geoworks) (
Multidimensional dataflow and signal processing, Master's Student 1993-1994
Kang Ngee Chia (UCLA) (
Code generation in C, Undergraduate Researcher Summer 1995
Cliff Cordeiro (
Interactive documentation
Gyorgy Csertan (Technical University of Budapest)
Converted Ptolemy 0.5.1 documentation to on-line hypertext HTML format
Rolando Diesta (
Discrete-event applications, networks, Graduate Student 1991-1995
Peter Dufault (HD Associated, Inc.) (>)
FreeBSD port
Chandan Egbert
Beta testing
Dirk Forchel (Technical University Dresden, Fraunhofer Institute of Microelectronic Circuits and Systems) ( and
Code Generation for the Dynamic Dataflow Domain (CGDDF) and Linux port
Yair Enden (Motorola)
Fix-point blocks in the CGC domain
Martha Fratt
Speech processing, Gabriel, Master's student 1989-1990
Edwin E. Goei (Sun) (
Vem schematic interface
Mike Grimwood
Digital infrared communication links, Gabriel, Master's student 1989-1990
Steve X. Gu (Nortel, formerly Northern Telecom) (
Tcl/Tk interface to Mathematica, educational software, software for wireless communications systems, Undergraduate Researcher 1994-1995
Luis Gutierrez (
Motorola 56000 Code Generation Stars, Texas Instruments C50 Domain, real-time video processing in embedded systems, Undergraduate Researcher 1996-1997
Eric Guntvedt
Erick Hamilton
Ptolemy Demonstrations
Richard Han (
Discrete-event applications, encryption in high error-rate applications, The Infopad Project, Current Ph.D. Student
David Harrison
Vem schematic interface
Paul E. Haskell (Compression Labs)
Image processing, video processing, and networks
Fritz Heinrichmeyer (FernUniverstitat at Hagen) (
Code generation domain for the TMS320C50 DSP processor
Holly Heine
Graphical user interface in Gabriel
Roger Hillson (Naval Research Laboratory) (
Dataflow, VHDL domains
Wai-Hung Ho
Gabriel demonstrations
John Hoch
Sangjin Hong (
Heterogeneous architecture design and simulation, communicating process domain
Steve How
Code generation, multirate systems, Gabriel, Master's student 1989-1990
Chih-Tsung Huang
Motorola DSP assembly code generation
Michael Huang (Boston University) (
islang preprocessor for stars in IPUS domain (Integrated Processing and Understanding of Signals)
Wei-Jen Huang (Stanford University)
Graphical user interface, Undergraduate Researcher 1994
Farhad Jalilvand (Nortel, formerly Northern Telecom) (
Communications demonstrations and subsystems, Undergraduate Researcher 1995
Alan Kamas (Independent Consultant) (
User Interface Design, Software Development, Project Manager 1991-1995
Seehyun Kim (
Fixed-point computation
Karim Khiar (Thomson CSF) (
Radar and higher-order functions, Visiting Master's Student 1994
Alireza Khazeni
Implementing fixed-point arithmetic and stars
Joel King (
Spice domain, mixed-signal simulation and IC design, Tycho, Master's student 1995-1996
Ed Knightly (U.C. Berkeley) (
Discrete-event scheduling, networks, Ph.D. Student 1991-1996
Ichiro Kuroda (NEC) (
Kernel development (parameter and state specification and parsing), Visiting Industrial Fellow 1989-1990
Alexander Kurpiers (Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany)
AIX port
Allen Lao (Applied Signal Technology) (
Message queue domain, ATM network simulations (video)
Phil D. Lapsley (Berkeley Design Technology, Inc.) (
Dataflow modeling, Motorola DSP assembly code generation, workstation and DSP board interfaces, Gabriel, Master's student 1990-1991
Jonathan Lee
Seungjun Lee
Communicating processes domain, Thor domain
Steven P. Levitan (Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh) (
Computer Aided Design and Simulation of Free Space Optoelectronic Information Processing Systems
Yu Kee Lim (
Software quality (debugging and documentation), developing new CGC stars, matrix support for code generation domains, ptdsp library, Undergraduate student researcher 1996
John Loh
Message queue domain, ATM networks
Yoshio Miki (Hitachi, Ltd.) (
Control logic generation, performance estimation of pipelines, interface between the SDF and DE domains, Visiting Industrial Scholar 1995
Takashi Miyazaki (NEC) (
Real-time video signal processing, DSP architectures
Brian Mountford
Douglas Niehaus (University of Kansas)
xxx domain, Tcl/Tk interface, pigi/oct interface
Maureen O'Reilly
Motorola DSP assembly code generation in Gabriel, modem design, Master's student 1989-1990
Johnathan Reason (U.C. Berkeley) (
NetBSD port, video coding over wireless networks, asynchronous video coding, The Infopad Project
Christopher Scannell (Naval Research Laboratory)
Beta testing
Farhana Sheikh (
Visual design methodology for real-time systems, parallel and distributed processing, and video signal processing, Master's Student 1995-1996
Sun-Inn Shih
Real-time video signal processing, code generation, Master's student 1993-1994
Gilbert C. Sih
Parallel scheduling, interprocessor communication, Ph.D. student 1987-1991
Mario Jorge Silva (Enterprise Integration Technologies) (
User interfaces
Rick L. Spickelmier
Vem schematic interface
Matthew Tavis (Sapient) (
Graphical user interfaces, Tycho, Undergraduate researcher 1995-1996
Juergen Teich (ETH-Zurich) (
Scheduling, optimization, mixed synchronous/asynchronous systems, Postdoctoral Researcher 1994
Warren W. Tsai
VHDL modeling, Undergraduate Researcher 1995
William Tsu (
VHDL simulators attached to VHDL domain, Undergraduate Researcher 1995
Jens Voigt ( (Dresden University of Technology Communications Laboratory)
Dynamic Higher Order Functions in the DE Domain, C++ Ptolemy/Java interface
Alberto Vignani
Linux port
Gregory S. Walter
ATM networks, speech coding, Master's student 1991-1992
Patrick J. Warner (
Parallel processing, interprocessor communication, network of workstations target
Anders Wass
Thor domain
Kennard D. White (Diva Communications) (
C and Motorola DSP assembly code generation, CM5 target, user interfaces: tkoct and Xpole, filter design, Master's Student 1989-1993
Joseph M. Winograd (Boston University) (
Knowledge-based signal processing, IPUS (Integrated Processing and Understanding of Signals) domain
Andria Wong
Anthony Wong
Assembly code generation in Gabriel, Master's student 1991-1992
Mei Xiao (Tyecin Systems Inc.) (
Image processing, graphical user interfaces, Master's Student 1993-1995
Chris Yu (Naval Research Laboratory)
Matrix representations
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