A Quick Tour of the Ptolemy Software Environment

Each Ptolemy domain implements a model of computation. To understand the demos, you will need some basic information. The synchronous dataflow domain is used to model synchronous signal processing systems. The discrete-event domain is used to simulate the evolution of systems in time when state changes occur discretely. Demonstrations of other simulation domains are also available. In code generation domains, Ptolemy schematics are translated into standalone programs.

Basic Information

galaxy Icons with green outlines represent subsystems called "galaxies" in Ptolemy. Click on the icon to see the subsystem inside.

star Icons with blue outlines are primitives, called "stars" in Ptolemy. Users can design new primitives and dynamically link them with the system. Click on the icon to see the star's definition.

Synchronous Dataflow Domain

multirate upSample The SDF model of computation supports multirate signal processing. These examples demonstrate the use of polyphase filters for sample rate conversion.

speech A sophisticated signal processing library has been developed for the SDF domain. This example demonstrates speech processing using synchronous dataflow.

animatedLMS Ptolemy contains a language called Tcl and an X window toolkit called Tk that allows for customized, animated, interactive simulations. This example demonstrates adaptive filtering with animated filter taps.

Discrete Event Domain

Other Simulation Domains

Code Generation Domains

Last updated 03/02/98.