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  • Annapolis Micro Systems, maker of Xilinx boards
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    James Lundblad of the Ptolemy group is developing the ACS domain with Sanders, a Lockheed Martin company.

    A key feature of the ACS domain is to make it easier to generate different implementations of a simulation. The ACS domain uses the Corona/Core approach, which was created by Jose Pino and Tom Parks while they were at UC Berkeley. In the Corona/Core design, a star has one Interface, named the Corona, and one or more implementations, named Cores.

    The ACS domain will help in automating the FPGA design process; it will help in transforming an SDF graph into a reasonable FPGA implementation. Initially, an Annapolis Microsystems Wildforce board will be the target.

    Sanders has a web page describing the project at:

    The Adaptive Computing Systems (ACS) Domain uses a different style of star than the rest of Ptolemy. ACS splits a star into a single interface (called a Corona), and one or more implementations, called Cores.

    The first public release of ACS is available in Ptolemy 0.7.1

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