Multiprocessor scheduling of a Signal Flow Graph for Workstation Clusters

Ki-il Kum
Seoul National University

November 7, 1996
Wang Room, 535 Cory Hall
5:15 - 6:00 p.m.


A multiprocessor code generator for workstation clusters is developed to prototype DSP algorithms represented by signal flow graphs quickly. In order to reduce the communication overhead and utilize fairly large memory space in each workstation, the parallel block processing method which assigns one block of data to each processor in rotation is used. A signal flow graph is scheduled in the hierarchy level with coarse grain partitioning first. When the desired performance is not obtained with coarse grain scheduling, a finer grain scheduling is performed in the lower hierarchy. The PVM message-passing system is used for the interprocessor communication. An MPEG2 audio encoder program is implemented in real time with an IBM SP2 parallel computer as an example.