Distributed High Performance Computing Infrastructure

Dr Andrew Wendelborn
University of Adelaide

Monday, November 17st, 1997
Hogan Room, 531 Cory Hall
9:30 - 10:30 a.m.

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The On-line Data Archives (OLDA) Program is a multi-institutional Australian Cooperative Research Centre program. This talk presents an overview of recent OLDA projects in applying and demonstrating distributed and high-performance computing (DHPC) technology. Current projects focus on earth observation applications, geographic and image data archives, as well as software infrastructure development for providing access to data and processing capabilities on-demand. Some key issues in the design of a DHPC software infrastructure for image archive based applications are discussed, focussing on the research infrastructure being developed under the OLDA program and a middleware software system based on Java and CORBA.

We expect that many DHPC applications will involve marshalling and coordinating resources to produce a result in response to a request. This typically sets up a network of processing and data movement. Process network techniques appropriate to the design and implementation of DHPC networks will be discussed.

The On-Line Data Archives program of the Advanced Computational Systems Cooperative Research Centre is funded by the Research Data Networks Cooperative Research Centrea of the Australian Government.

For more information on the DHPCI project, see http://dhpc.adelaide.edu.au/. Dr Wendelborn's home page is at http://www.cs.adelaide.edu.au/users/andrew/.