Ptolemy Group Software Development

The following list summarizes the software currently being developed by the Ptolemy Group.

Links to other local pages of interest:

  • Many potential software development plans are summarized as research summaries.
  • The Possible Undergraduate or Masters Projects page lists many areas of development.

  • Ptolemy II

    We have begun the design of the key Java infrastructure that will support the design of distributed adaptive signal processing systems. The core of this design is a set of classes fashioned after the core of Ptolemy that support hierarchical graphs as an abstract data structure. Many specializations, for example to process networks, are possible. We plan PN to be the first implemented specialization since it promises to give us the most benefit from Java Threads.
  • See the Ptolemy II page for more information about the Java Ptolemy Kernel.
  • We are using Tcl Blend, the Tcl/Java interface for testing the Java Ptolemy kernel.

  • Development in C++ Ptolemy

    Future work in the C++ Version of Ptolemy include: The minor changes below might appear in a future version of C++ Ptolemy:
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