Directions to the Berkeley Campus

UC Berkeley is located approximately 20 miles from the San Francisco airport and about 15 miles from the Oakland airport. The university is located at the end of University Avenue, in the city of Berkeley. If you are coming north or south on Interstate 80, you should take the University Avenue exit and proceed east (away from the bay) for approximately 2 miles.

At the last stoplight on University Avenue, turn left, onto Oxford Avenue. Drive 2 blocks on Oxford and then turn right at the stoplight onto Hearst Avenue. Cory Hall is located on the corner of Hearst and Gayley. Going east on Hearst, it is on the right hand side, just before the second stoplight. It is the building with the IC chips decorating the top floor.

Arranged Parking

If you have made prior arrangements for parking (or we have made them for you if you are a dsp seminar speaker for example), the entrance is at the East Gate. To get to the East Gate, go past Cory Hall on Hearst, taking the first right onto Gayley. The East Gate will appear on your right. Identify yourself by name at the kiosk, and the attendant will give you directions for parking.

Paid Parking

You can pay a flat fee of $7.00 for the entire day and park at the Student Union Lot on Bancroft and Telegraph. There is an attendant at that lot to whom the $7.00 can be paid.

There is a shuttle bus that runs every 8-10 minutes. The bus will pick up at the Student Union Lot at Brancroft. The bus will drive the perimeter of the campus. There is a stop directly in front of Cory Hall. Alternatively, it is a pleasant walk across campus.

To reach this parking lot from I80, it is best to exit at Ashby, south of University, and proceed east approximately 3 miles. Turn left on Telegraph. Go approximately 2 miles, turn left where Telegraph dead ends into Bancroft Avenue. The parking lot will be on your right hand side, between Telegraph and Dana.

                      To Sacramento                  |
                           /                   Euclid|
                          /                          |
                         /               |  Hearst   |       |
         North           |               |-------------******--
           ^             |               |             *Cory*|
           |            I|               |O            *Hall*|
           |            8|   University  |x            ******|
                        0|---------------|f                  |Gayley
                         |   (~2 miles)  |o             East |
                         |               |r        UC   Gate |
                         |               |d     Berkeley     |
                         |               |                   |
                         |               |                   |
                         |               |     parking       |
                         |               ---------------------
                         |                 Bancroft Avenue (one way <----< ) 
                         |                         | 
                         |                         | 
                         |                         |Telegraph Ave.
                         |      Ashby Ave.         |
                         |                         | 
  to                     /                         |    
  SFO  --|------------|-- \                           
           Bay Bridge      \ I580                    
                            \________ I24 To Walnut Creek
                           / I980
                         | I880
                     To Oakland Airport
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