Information for DSP Seminar speakers

Time - Fridays, 4:10-5:00 PM
Place - Hughes Room, 400 Cory Hall

Topics for the seminar can be anything related to DSP, including algorithms , mathematical models, VLSI architectures, topics relating to design methodology; for example, languages for expressing DSP programs, compilation issues, and multiprocessor scheduling.

Here are a few examples of previous talks:

Algebraic Topics in Multidimensional Filter Bank Theory - Ton Kalker, Phillips
Emerging Problems in Computer Aided Design - Kurt Keutzer, Synopsys Inc.
New signal processing techniques for wireless communications - G. Wornell, MIT
Life after MPEG, the remaining challenges - Didier LeGall, NCUBE
Software Engineering for Parallel Systems: The TRAPPER Approach - C. Schiedler, Daimler Benz

To get to Cory Hall on the UC Berkeley campus, and park, follow these directions. Here is a campus map.

Hughes room, where the seminar is usually scheduled, has an overhead projector, a 35mm slide projector, and a white board. A VCR and TV set can be provided for video demonstrations if a request is made in advance. Should you like to give an online demo, we can try to schedule another room that has a workstation and attached projector.

Since the seminar starts at 4:10pm, please try to be here by 3:45. You can contact the DSP seminar coordinator, Praveen Murthy (, in room 524 at 642-0395 when you arrive, and for any other questions and requirements you might have. Of-course, you can arrive sooner if you wish to meet researchers here.

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