JDK 1.1 Compatible Browsers

This page describes JDK1.1 compatible browsers. The information here is bound to change, it was last updated on 02/20/99.
  • Netscape 4.0 JDK1.1 support page
  • Javasoft Java Plugin
  • Microsoft Java links
  • The Microsoft Support Article "Troubleshooting Java Problems in Internet Explorer" might be of use.
  • http://www.microsoft.com/ie/most/howto/java.htm
  • Microsoft Virtual Machine Download Page

  • Most of the applets on these pages require JDK 1.1 (JDK stands for the Java Development Kit). JDK 1.1 is supported by Netscape 4.06 and higher, and Internet Explorer 4.0 and higher.

    If your browser does not support JDK 1.1, you might see the following message in your Java console window (which you can open under Netscape's "Communicator" menu):

    # Applet exception: error: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:
       java.awt.TextArea: method <init> (Ljava/lang/String;III)V not found
    To get JDK 1.1 to work with Netscape 4.03 - 4.05, you need to download a patch. The patch can be found at the developer.netscape.com download page.

    Java Plugin

    The Javasoft Java Plugin is a software package that allows browsers to use Sun's Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on IE3.0 and later and Netscape3.0 and later. The plugin can be used to run applets that require JDK1.2.


  • Only for Solaris, Irix and Windows.
  • Applets that use The Java Plugin have to have special HTML that tells the browser to use the Plugin. Currently, browsers that use the Plugin and browsers that do not use it cannot run an applet from the same HTML text.

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