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Chapter 14. APEG generation

Authors: Soonhoi Ha
Since all code generation domains depends on the SDF domain, and the same routine is needed by a specialized loop scheduler in the SDF domain ($PTOLEMY/src/domains/sdf/loopScheduler), the source of APEG generation is placed in $PTOLEMY/src/domains/sdf/kernel.

An APEG graph (an ExpandedGraph class) consists of EGNodes and EGGates. Class EGNode represents an object corresponding to an invocation of a DataFlowStar (DataFlowStar is a base class of SDFStar class). An EGNode has a list of EGGates. EGGate class is similar to PortHole class in the respect that it is an object for connection between EGNodes. Between two EGGates, there exists an EGArc object. All connections in an APEG graph is homogeneous. If there is a sample rate change on an arc in the SDF program graph, the arc is mapped to several homogeneous arcs. APEG generation routines are defined as member methods of the ExpandedGraph class.

Refer to "Class ExpandedGraph" on page 14-5, for he main discussion of APEG generation.

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