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3.8 Class InterpUniverse

Class InterpUniverse is inherited from both InterpGalaxy and Runnable. Ptolemy user interfaces build and execute InterpUniverses. In addition to the standard InterpGalaxy functions, it provides:

InterpUniverse (const char* name = "mainGalaxy"); 
This creates an empty universe with no target and the given name. If no name is specified, mainGalaxy is the default.

int newTarget(const char* newTargName = 0); 
This creates a target of the given name (from the KnownTarget list), deleting any existing target.

const char* targetName() const; 
Return the name of the current target.

Scheduler* scheduler() const; 
Return the scheduler belonging to the current target (0 if none).

Target* myTarget() const; 
Return a pointer to the current target.

int run(); 
Invokes Runnable::run.

void wrapup(); 
Invokes wrapup on the target.

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