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Chapter 17. Target

Authors: Soonhoi Ha
Other Contributors: John S. Davis II
Target has a clear meaning in code generation domains, a model of the target machine for which code will be generated. Class CGTarget is the base class for all code generation targets whether it is a single processor target or a multiprocessor target. Class MultiTarget, derived from class CGTarget, serves as the base target for all multiprocessor targets. For single processor targets, we have AsmTarget and HLLTarget to distinguish assembly code generation targets and high level language generation targets. If we generate assembly code for a target, the target will be derived from class AsmTarget. If we generate a high level language code, the target will be derived from HLLTarget. For detailed discussion for Target hierarchy, refer to [4] in References .

In this chapter, we will describe class CGTarget and some base multiprocessor targets since we focus on multiprocessor code generation. Refer to other sources for AsmTarget and other high level language targets.

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