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Publications of the Ptolemy Group

Tcl and Java Performance

H. John Reekie, Christopher Hylands and Edward A. Lee
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February 20, 1998


Combining scripting languages such as Tcl with lower-level programming languages such as Java offers new opportunities for flexible and rapid software development. In this paper, we benchmark various combinations of Tcl and Java against the two languages alone. We also provide some comparisons with JavaScript. Performance can vary by well over two orders of magnitude. We also uncovered some interesting threading issues that affect performance on the Solaris platform.

"There are lies, damn lies and statistics"

This paper is a work in progress, we used the information here to give our group some generalizations on the performance tradeoffs between various scripting languages. Updating the timing results to include JDK1.2 with a Just In Time (JIT) compiler would be useful.

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