Ptolemy Tutorial

A first-ever tutorial on the Ptolemy software environment was given on July 24th, 1995, in Arlington, Virginia, at the 2nd Annual ARPA Rapid Prototyping of Application Specific Signal Processors (RASSP) Conference. The conference brings together companies, universities, and research laboratories funded by the ARPA RASSP Program, from which the Ptolemy Project receives about half of its funding. The tutorial was given by Brian L. Evans, Edward A. Lee, and Mike C. Williamson, of U.C. Berkeley, and Dave Wilson of Berkeley Design Technology, Inc.

The full-day tutorial was intended for current or prospective users of the Ptolemy design environment. Although we included a brief introduction to the user-level interface to the system, the tutorial emphasized extending the system. The tutorial followed the schedule given below.

A glossary of terms (from the User's Manual) was distributed to the participants. The tutorial was originally written in FrameMaker, and has been converted to compressed Postscript for previewing.
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