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Publications of the Ptolemy Project

The Almagest: A Manual for Ptolemy

Epicycles 0.5 Mini Almagest
Ptolemy 0.6 Micro Almagest

Mr. Ptolemy Volume I
Ptolemy 0.7 User's Manual

Angles Volume II
Ptolemy 0.7 Programmer's Manual

Astro Volume III
Ptolemy 0.7 Kernel Manual


The volumes in the Almagest are large (100's of pages each). If you desire a hardcopy, you may want to consider purchasing a hardcopy from the Industrial Liason Program (ILP) instead of printing it out.

EECS/ERL Industrial Liaison Program Office
Software Distribution Office
205 Cory Hall # 1770
University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-1770
(510)643-6687 (voice)
(510)643-6694 (fax)

In Ptolemy0.5.2, the Star Atlas was Volume II. In Ptolemy0.6 and later, there is no Star Atlas.

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