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Software Synthesis for Single-Processor DSP Systems Using Ptolemy


Ptolemy is an environment for simulation, prototyping, and software synthesis for heterogeneous systems. It uses modern object-oriented software technology (in C++) to model each subsystem in a natural and efficient manner, and to integrate these subsystems into a whole. The objectives of Ptolemy encompass practically all aspects of designing signal processing and communications systems, ranging from algorithms and communication strategies, through simulation, hardware and software design, parallel computing, to generation of real-time prototypes. In this paper I will describe the software synthesis aspects of the Ptolemy system for single-processor architectures. The environment presented here is both modular and extensible.


This paper is dedicated to my wife and children, with whose love and patience makes pursing a graduate education possible.

The work that led to this paper would not have been possible without the assistance of my advisor, Edward Lee, and the Ptolemy Team. In particular, I wish to thank Joseph Buck, Soonhoi Ha, Tom Parks, and Kennard White.

The author gratefully acknowledges the support of AT&T Bell Labs and Office of Naval Research.

Software Synthesis for Single-Processor DSP Systems Using Ptolemy - 04 SEP 94

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