Ptolemy c50 Domain

The Ptolemy c50 domain generates code for the Texas Instruments TMS320C50 fixed-point DSP processor. To make much use of this domain, you will need a PC with a c50.

The c50 domain is based on an initial implementation by Andreas Baensch and Prof. Fritz Heinrichmeyer at FernUniverstitat in Hagen, Germany.

Luis Gutierrez and Brian Evans have fleshed out the c50 domain star library.

Christopher Hylands packaged the tar overlay and patch.

The pt-0.6.c50.src.tar.gz tar overlay contains the c50 domain source files, and the following files:

  • Ptolemy C50 Domain README file
  • Ptolemy C50 Domain User's Manual: Postscript - ASCII
  • Ptolemy C50 Domain Programmer's Manual (very short): Postscript - ASCII
  • pt-0.6.c50.src.tar.gz: Patch that modifies the Ptolemy0.6 distribution so that the c50 domain is built into the full pigiRpc

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