Ptolemy Miniconference

  February 19, 1999  
  8:30 - 5:30  
  HP Auditorium  
  Soda Hall  
  UC Berkeley  
8:30 AM Introduction Edward A. Lee, UCB
8:45 AM Overview of Models of Computation Edward A. Lee, UCB
9:05 AM Control Logic using Hierarchical FSMs Bilung Lee, UCB
9:25 AM Optronics Systems Specification: Mission & High-Level Behavior Co-validation Xavier Warzee, Thomson-CSF
9:45 AM Adaptive Computing System Design and Implementation using the ACS Domain Eric Pauer, Sanders
10:05 AM Break  
10:25 AM HP Ptolemy José Pino, Hewlett-Packard
10:45 AM Efficient Simulation of Optical Systems Olaf Lenzmann, Virtual Photonics - BNeD
11:05 AM Wireless Network Simulator (WiNeS) Jens Voigt, TU Dresden
11:25 AM Poster Briefings:  
  Modeling Complex Control Systems John Koo, Bruno Sinopoli, UCB
  The Ptolemy II Test Bed Christopher Hylands, UCB
  Hardware/Software Codesign Using Polis Roberto Passerone, UCB
  SPIN in Ptolemy for Protocol Modeling Shang-Pin Chang and Nathan H. Law, UCB
  Real-Time Process Network Sonar Beamformer Brian Evans, UT
  System-Level Design Using Y-Charts Bart Kienhuis, UCB
  Digital Hearing-Aid Design Richard Tobias, White Eagle System Technology
  Alternative Java-Based GUI for Ptolemy 0.7 Holger Schubert, Virtual Photonics - BNeD
  Modeling Freespace Optical Systems Steve Levitan, U. Pittsburgh
  Demo of the ACS Domain Eric Pauer, Sanders
  The Design Flow Management Domain Bicheng Wu, UCB
12:00 PM Lunch  
12:30 PM Poster session  
2:30 PM Visualization and user interfaces John Reekie, UCB
3:00 PM XML in Ptolemy II Steve Neuendorffer, UCB
3:10 PM Overview of Ptolemy II Edward A. Lee, UCB
3:40 PM Mixed-Signal System Modeling in Ptolemy II Jie Liu, UCB
3:55 PM Ptolemy II Type System Yuhong Xiong, UCB
4:10 PM Ptolemy II demo - DE Lukito Muliadi, UCB
4:20 PM Ptolemy II demo - CSP Neil Smyth, UCB
4:30 PM Ptolemy II demo - SDF Steve Neuendorffer, UCB
4:30 PM Ptolemy II demo - FSM Xiaojun Liu, UCB
4:50 PM Ptolemy II demo - PN Mudit Goel, UCB
5:00 PM Ptolemy II Software Practice John Reekie, UCB
5:20 PM Plans for the Future Edward A. Lee, UCB
5:30 PM Adjourn  

Last Updated on 2/17/99
By Edward A. Lee