Third Party Uses of the Ptolemy Software Environment

The following list summarizes some of the current and historical uses of the Ptolemy software environment by companies, research laboratories, and universities, i.e., other than by the Ptolemy Group at U.C. Berkeley. Uses of Ptolemy in internal company projects are not reported here. We will be happy to mention any third-party uses of Ptolemy.


  • Universidad de Vigo, Spain
  • BNeD Broadband Network Design
  • Cadence
  • Dresden University of Technology
  • HP EESof
  • Lyre
  • Sanders Algorithm Analysis and Mapping Project
  • Structured Software Systems
  • Thomson CSF
  • U.C. Berkeley POLIS Project
  • University of Pittsburgh and U.C. San Diego
  • UT Austin
  • W.E.S.T.
  • Historical

  • BDTI
  • Boston University
  • DQDT
  • Fokus
  • Sanders RASSP Project
  • U.C. Berkeley

  • Current


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