Ptolemy mailing lists

The Ptolemy mailing lists are run by the Majordomo mailing list server. This server can automatically subscribe you to mailing lists and it can send you monthly archive files for each of the lists. To find out more about our Majordomo sever, send an email letter to: with the word help in the body of the letter.

Ptolemy Interest Mailing list

This moderated mailing list is for Ptolemy announcements only. Thus, you cannot post to this group. The amount of mail here is kept very light (a few messages a year).

To subscribe to the ptolemy-interest mailing list, send mail to: with the word subscribe in the body (not the subject) of the letter.

All mail to ptolemy-interest also goes to ptolemy-hackers, so if you subscribe to ptolemy-hackers, there is no need to subscribe to ptolemy-interest too.

Ptolemy Hackers Mailing list

This is a discussion list for Ptolemy questions, bug reports, and to share Ptolemy additions and applications. Since this is a discussion group, mail volume can sometimes be heavy. All mail sent to Ptolemy- hackers is automatically cross posted to the comp.soft-sys.ptolemy newsgroup.

To subscribe to the ptolemy-hackers mailing list, send mail to: with the word subscribe in the body of the letter. To leave the newsgroup put the word unsubscribe in the body of your message.


Just like the ptolemy-hackers mailing list, the comp.soft-sys.ptolemy newsgroup is a forum of the discussion of Ptolemy questions, bug reports, additions, and applications. Note that all mail sent to the ptolemy-hackers mailing list is automatically posted to the comp.soft-sys.ptolemy newsgroup as well.

Searching Ptolemy Hackers Archives

There are several ways to search the Ptolemy-hackers archives
  1. Use the local WAIS (Wide Area Information Servers) server. The database consists of basically all of the messages ever sent to ptolemy-hackers, including messages before the creation of the comp.soft-sys.ptolemy newsgroup. This is a no-frills interface, but the database is the most complete of all of the archives.
    If you are running Mosaic2.0 with WAIS (Wide Area Information Servers) compiled in, you can query the Ptolemy-Hackers mailing list directly. If you are using Netscape, then try using the indirect method. Note that with the indirect method, the titles will be more obscure.
    With both methods, you may use compound searches, such as : sgi AND linking
  2. Direct WAIS index of ptolemy-hackers
  3. Indirect WAIS index of ptolemy-hackers

  4. Search the comp.soft-sys.ptolemy newsgroup. Messages posted to ptolemy-hackers show up on comp.soft-sys.ptolemy, however, comp.soft-sys.ptolemy has not been around as long as ptolemy-hackers. Also, some messages posted to ptolemy-hacker are never seen on comp.soft-sys.ptolemy because the news daemon rejects them because they do not include enough new information. (Sorry this is a campus wide news server, there is little we can do about it).
     [ Deja News ]  [Mr Ptolemy] Search comp.soft-sys.ptolemy for:

  5. The ptolemy-hackers archive is a modern interface to messages after 1/1/97.
  6. The ptolemy-hackers archive is a modern interface to messages after 1/20/99
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