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The Eye_View site currently has 5 issues, and a collection of URLS. These are uploaded to sunsite, who have it open for reading in the /pub/Linux/docs directory. This new version is under construction. The -1d release uses a different SGML renderer ( from SGMLSpm-1.03ii.tar.gz

Space Station Raven
A Linux Workstation

Raven is shareware online text, to promote Linux, and help you do something useful with it. Starting with:

Buy and build your own Linux PC

X EyeView Click on ...
01 Hardware SSR01 The Tower
02 System SSR02 Sys Build
03 Comms SSR03 Internet Working
04 UsersView SSR04 Users View
05 Discussion SSR05 Planning

A plain index and a spagetti bowl of URL's

99 Resources 99_URLS
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