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Publications of the Ptolemy Group

Process Networks in Ptolemy II

by Mudit Goel

Technical Memorandum UCB/ERL M98/69
Electronics Research Laboratory, Berkeley, CA 94720 December 16, 1998

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To model hardware and embedded applications, a highly concurrent model of computation is required. We present a mechanism to model concurrency using the Kahn process networks model of computation. The process networks model of computation has a dataflow flavor to it. This makes it well suited for modeling embedded dataflow applications and hardware architectures. Java provides a low level mechanism for constructing concurrent systems using threads and synchronizing monitors. We provide an implementation of process networks that is based on Java threads and is part of a heterogeneous modeling and design environment called Ptolemy~II. The process networks model of computation has been extended to enable mutations of networks in a non-deterministic way. This can be used to model applications with migrating code, agents, and arrivals and departures of customers and services.
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