EE298-20 Digital Signal Processing Seminar

Time - Fridays, 4:10-5:00 PM
Place - Hughes Room, 400 Cory Hall

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The DSP seminar features talks on a variety of subjects related to digital signal processing including algorithms, vlsi implementations, and design methodology. The audience usually consists of graduate students, post-docs, and professors. The seminar is open to the public.

Note that the above time and location are only for the regularly scheduled seminars in the Fall and Spring semesters. Special seminars are not necessarily held in Hughes on Fridays from 4 to 5. Check the schedule below and the announcements for the correct time and place. In particular, there are no regularly scheduled seminars in the summer.

How to get here

To get to Cory Hall on the UC Berkeley campus, follow these directions. Here is a campus map.

Seminar database

Some information for speakers.

Making a seminar announcement to the DSP community on the UC Berkeley campus:

If you wish to make a seminar announcement to the DSP seminar mail alias, send mail to,, and

The announcement will go to everyone on the seminar mailing list, will get posted to the ucb.seminars newsgroup, and will get posted on the "Seminars and Colloquia" board on the 2nd floor in Cory Hall. Ensure that the seminar will be of interest to a lot of the DSP community before mailing an anouncement to hundreds of people.

Party time!

After the seminar, there is usually a wine and cheese party (sometimes it is just beer and chips) hosted by a student in the Lee and Messerschmitt groups. All attendees to the seminar are welcome to join us for refreshments at this party and continue discussions with the speaker. The venue for the party will usually be announced at the seminar or be written on the white board in the room where the seminar is usually held.

Parties are not held after special seminars. In particular, there are no parties after any of the summer seminars.

Send any questions and comments you might have about the seminar to the DSP seminar coordinator, Praveen Murthy (

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